July 2021 Haddonfield Cross Country Mileage Challenge for Interfaith Caregivers

July Mileage Challenge 2021

Thanks to everyone who supported the Haddonfield boys in the 2021 July Mileage Challenge! The boys exceeded their goal by over 280 miles! Check your email for information on directing donations by the end of this week!

During the month of July, every mile run by the members of Haddonfield boys cross country team will once again count double-once toward their training in the hopes of yet another successful season for Coach Nick Baker’s squad (18 State titles and counting!), and once to benefit the Haddon area Interfaith Caregivers. The Interfaith Caregivers were formed in Haddonfield in 1990 to meet the needs of isolated senior citizens in the community. They work to provide simple, yet vital services that enable seniors to maintain their independence. In the midst of the pandemic last year, the team realized they wanted to do something more than just train, both to help those most affected by the health crisis and to give the team a sense of unity and purpose.

We’re asking that supporters pledge one cent or more for every mile run by the team in the month of July.  We’re hoping for a goal of 1600 miles run (100 more than last year-it’s always good to work to be better!), so you can budget accordingly (one cent a mile=$16, if we meet our goal.)

Feel free to share this link with anyone you think may wish to contribute. Progress toward our goal will be tracked here, along with the names of contributors (but not the amount), unless you wish to remain anonymous.

Wish to pledge toward this effort? Simply email Asst. Coach Dave Stewart  at dstewart@haddonfield.k12.nj.us with the subject line “July Mileage Challenge” , the amount you’d like to pledge per mile, and how you’d like your name listed, or use the Contact Page to send this information. We’ll keep you posted on the progress of the runners and let you know how to make a donation when the Challenge is completed . No donations will be collected until after July 31, and you can submit or change a pledge at any time up to that date. Pledging a set amount is also much appreciated, but pledges per mile will help keep the runners motivated. All donations will be paid directly to the Interfaith Caregivers. Or, if you’d like to set up your own fitness challenge also to benefit Interfaith Caregivers, that’s great too!

Thanks for your support of the team and this great cause, and check the table below at any time to see how we’re doing!

Date: 7/31 Miles: 1888*Miles from Goal: +288$ pledged per mile: $1.95Total pledged (1600 mi. goal X $/mi.):$3062.40
Mileage Tracker

*mileage includes 1750 miles run, 100.5 miles swum and 37.5 miles biked (total biking distance was 150 miles, multiplied by .25 to get an equivalent run distance.)

List of Donors

The Wellborn Family

Nancy DeLaura

Eisenhower Family

The Sullivan Family

Barbara Cortese

The Hurly Family

The Sullivan-Hyde Family

Paul Devine

The Kamp Family

The Baker Family

The Janssen Family

Stephen and Rochelle Fernands

Miriam F Sullivan

The Spellmeyer Family

The Romea Family

Old Joe

Dave Stewart

Eleanor Gilfillin

Matthew Stewart

Teresa Norman

Mark Bare

In honor of Alan Brown and Burk Sullivan

Michael Skinner

Judith Wilson

Kristin Redmond

Kathy Tully

Maureen Pugh

The Mirabello Family

The Nussey Family

Eugene and Joann Bissell

The Andrus Family

Bill Stewart

Larissa Willison

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