July Mileage Challenge for Interfaith Caregivers


HMHS Boys Cross country thanks everyone for their awesome support of the Interfaith Caregivers! The boys exceeded their mileage goal, but adding on anything to your pledge beyond the original goal is totally optional. Check your email on Monday, August 3rd for more information, including how to direct donations.

Missed the Challenge? Interfaith Caregivers can always use your support. Check here for how to donate.

July Mileage Challenge

Benefiting the Interfaith Caregivers of Haddonfield and surrounding area

During the month of July, every mile run by the members of Haddonfield boys cross country team will count double-once toward their training in the hopes of yet another successful season for Coach Nick Baker’s squad, and once to benefit the Interfaith Caregivers. The Interfaith Caregivers were formed in Haddonfield in 1990 to meet the needs of isolated senior citizens in the community. They work with Haddonfield, Haddon Heights and many adjacent area organizations to provide simple, yet vital services that enable seniors to maintain their independence; providing door to door transportation to medical appointments, assisting with physical disabilities, doing shopping and running errands and other services that have become even more crucial during the current health crisis.

We’re asking that supporters pledge one cent or more for every mile run by the team in the month of July.  We’re hoping for a goal of 1500 miles run, so you can budget accordingly (one cent a mile=$15, if we meet our goal). 

Feel free to share this link with anyone you think may wish to contribute. Progress toward our goal will be tracked here, along with the name of contributors (but not the amount), unless you wish to remain anonymous.

Wish to pledge toward this effort? Simply email Asst. Coach Dave Stewart  at dstewart@haddonfield.k12.nj.us with the subject line “July Mileage Challenge” and the amount you’d like to pledge per mile, and how you’d like your name listed, or use the Contact Page to send this information. No donations will be collected until after July 31, and you can submit a pledge at any time up to that date.

Date: 7/31 Miles: 1730Miles from Goal: +230$ pledged per mile: 3.49Total pledged (1500 mi. goal X $/mi.):$5245
Mileage Tracker

List of Donors:

Glennon Family

Annie Murray

Karen Kelly

Betty Badecki

Matt Moeller

Charlie & Judi Sheridan

Barbara Cortese

Kathleen Davis

Bridget Mink

Carolyn & John Foley

Maureen Pugh

Dr. John Drozdal & Nancy Gulick

Jellig Family

Andrus Family

Thomas Janssen & Julie Beddingfield

Stewart Family

Nancy DeLaura

Laura Oakes

Nick & Maureen Baker

Janet Baffone

Sue & Joe Ehrhardt

Toni Bonette

Glenna Stewart

Stephen & Jill Platt

Paul & Karen Knauer

Bennett Family

Cindy & Stew Repsher

Dan Hill

Joe Hoffman

Gene Kain

Randall & Roberta Vaughan

Joann & Gene Bissell

Sullivan Family

Cathe & Mark Bare

Judith Wilson

Marilyn Patterson

Norman Family

Anne Hoban

Eisenhower Family

Hurly Family

Bob & Donna Mirabello

Elizabeth Roberts-Lopez

Greenberg Family

Riddell Family

Fernands Family

Shah Family

Jane & Stan Howard

O’Neill Family

John & Joanne Marshall

Poisel Family

Spellmeyer Family

Joe Serico

Doris Jellig

Nussbaum Family

John & Deborah Mosley-Duffy

Mark Valli

Dianne DiGiamber

Sarah Cox

Theresa &Steve Gostovich

Suzanne Habib

Mike & Fran Skinner

Anne & John Kearney

Walton (GA) Cross Country

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